Can I print a name and number on my jersey?
For an additional charge, customization is available on many items.

We offer a wide variety of customization options including front and back numbers, names, and authentic league badges. Please visit the product page to view available options and prices. All customizations are generic unless otherwise specified. All letters and numbers are heat-applied using the same process as the authentic player jerseys. They are not stitched or embroidered.

To customize your item, simply check the box or boxes on the product page and enter the name and number of your choice. The entire English alphabet of capital letters and numbers 1-99 are available for printing. Please enter only letters in the space provided the name and only numbers in the space provide for the number. Sorry, but we are unable to accommodate special characters and long names.

Customization is not available on items that are pre-printed with a name or number. If you select customization on an item that cannot be customized, we will send the item without customization and issue a refund for the customization charges.

How long does it take to have my item customized?
Most orders will leave our warehouse about 1-2 weeks after you place your order. All of your in-stock items will ship together. Please keep in mind that your actual delivery time will vary depending on our current order volume and your shipping type. We will post a special notice at the top of this page if we expect unusual delays.

Can I return a customized item?
Personalized items can not be returned for ANY reason. If you receive a defective jersey, we will repair or replace it with exactly the same item at our cost, but we will not issue a refund for the item. We will issue the buyer a gift certificate for the purchase price if we cannot repair or replace it in 90 days.

What if my jersey doesn't fit?
We do not guarantee the fit of customized items. If you are unsure of the fit, we strongly recommend that you first order the item without customization, and then return it within 30 days for customization. Return shipping back to you is usually free to US addresses.

Do you use the team's officially licensed logos?
Yes, you can upgrade to the real thing! For an additional upgrade charge, we offer officially licensed team characters for many of our most popular teams. These letters and numbers look just like the print found on the authentic player jerseys and are approved by the manufacturer, the team, and the league. Authentic letters and numbers are applied to all hero jerseys. They are also available for a select number of other team jerseys for an additional charge. Where available, you can request authentic print by marking the appropriate boxes.

What is a hero jersey?
Hero jerseys are printed using authentic letters and numbers, which are the officially licensed team characters. The print looks just like the authentic player jerseys. For an additional charge, authentic league badges are available where specified.

Are league badges available?
League and sponsorship badges (also known as patches) are available for many leagues. These are usually placed on the sleeves of the jersey. Visit the product page to find out if a badge is offered for a particular item.

Most badges do not play well with badges of another league. For example, the Bayern Munich jersey cannot have both the Bundesliga badge and the UEFA Champions league badge. If you select two or more badges that are incompatible, we will choose which badge to apply and refund the incompatible item. Badges are not sold separately.

We generally stock the following badges:

    Champions League Badge (UEFA Champions League) - Placed on right sleeve only
    FAPL Badges (English Premier League) - One placed on each sleeve
    Bundesliga Badge (German League) - Placed on right sleeve only
    FP Badge (French League) - Placed on right sleeve only
    Many other league and sponsorship badges available where specified.

How much does customization cost?
The price of each option is listed on the product page.

What else should I know about this?
Please visit these related pages for more information: shipping, returns, sizing.

Do you have a page where I can wade through complex legal jargon?
No business is complete without one. Just take a look at our terms and conditions for all the fine print you can handle.